I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the additional mile that UFAA has gone, just to bring additional value to the Agency Force, District Managers and their key employees on the new Disability and Business Overhead Expense policies that are being offered through Holmes Murphy & Associates.  The policies are available to all members of the Agency Force, as well as District Managers and their key employees. 
Disability Webinar

Disability Income 101
Meeting # : 688 598 441
Date: Monday, September 10, 2012
Time: 10:00AM Central Time
Dial: 1-877-668-4490
Dial Access Code: 688 598 441
Web Info:
Meeting Password: Hma2012 (Case sensitive)

The policies are individually underwritten and administered by Holmes Murphy and UFAA is not involved in the process.  However, if you are a Full member of UFAA, you will receive a 10% discount on the policies, for the life of the policies.  The rate is set at the time of issue and is locked in for the life of the policy.  Obliviously, this 10% discount can be a large savings of money over the life of the policies. 

UFAA is in the business of educating and bringing benefits to the Agency Force.  Therefore, UFAA negotiated with Holmes Murphy & Associates a way to offer this same 10% policy lifetime discount to the entire Agency Force. 

The deal that was struck was that anyone that wanted the 10% discount must be a Full Member or Limited Member-Disability/Business Overhead with UFAA.  I went back to UFAA and ask the 2012 UFAA convention delegates, through an email motion, to accept/approve this additional membership status.  The way it will work is that any agent, their staff, District Manager and their key employees can become a Limited Member-DOH for an up front, nonrefundable $65.00 fee. 

This will allow the applicant to obtain the 10% life time discount on the policies for the life of the policies.  This must be done up front, as the policy rate is locked in at the tim! e of issue.  Holmes Murphy will verify the LM-DOH membership status with UFAA and if there is no membership, there is no discount.  Again the only reason UFAA did this was to save the agency force 10% on the lifetime contract with the carrier. 

Bottom line, the opportunity is available if one chooses to save the 10%. 

At the very least, UFAA hopes that everyone will explore the opportunity in obtaining a quote from Holmes Murphy & Associates with coverage through “The Principal Financial Group.” 

To obtain your quote, go to

You may also go to or call 888-838-1739.





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