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Revised:  09/22/2006



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"CLUE"  (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report and how to get your own copy just follow the following"
(1) Go to 
(2) Click on "Home" on the main menu and choose "Insurance Claims"
(3) A link at the bottom of the page allows you to download an application from titled "Request for ChoicePoint Consumer Reports."
(4)  Send the completed form along with an $8 check.
(5) If you disagree with the information in your report, call
(888) 497-0011.
Note:  By law if an individual is turned down by information indicated from "Choice Point"  they must furnish you with a free copy of the report and allow you to provide at least 100 words in rebuttal to the report.  This "rebuttal" is attached at the end of the future reports for further use by those wanting to check you out.   Also, Choice Point as I just discovered has many other features such as:  Finding a good doctor;  and many other interesting subjects.  
I am told that in late September policyholders may download their report on the internet instantly from the internet by charging $13 on their credit card.
In Texas as well as some other parts of the country,  Real Estate Brokers, Realtor Associations, mortgage lenders, title companies are fuming mad about all the "tie-ups" in closing their home sales.   The companies can use Choice Point to discover if the home address has ever had a water loss.  
I hope this helps some of you that are interested in "credit scoring"  "CLUE" and other forms of investigative works during underwriting process.
I use the search engine "Goggle"  it pulls up the entire Choice Point System.  It is fast and effective and does not cost anything.  Just a suggestion.   It will be interesting to hear from the agents what they find out on their own records.    This information will be made available to the members of the Legislature and other regulatory agencies, so they can see just what agents and consumers are up against.  You may want see that your politicians get this information as well.





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